Forming plant

Forming is an electro chemical oxidation process of etched high purity anode aluminium foil, thickness range from 40 micron to 110 micron. Forming process demands considerable amount of power and chemicals.

Equipments and facilities for the process

·               Stainless steel fabricated ‘Forming’ machines and chemical reservoirs

·               Process temperature and speed controlling electronic equipments

·               Dematerialized water production plant – capacity 2000 litres /hour

·               Effluent treatment plant – capacity 2500 litres/hour

·               Centrifugal and screw pumps 

·               Forming process control lab with analytical and electronic instruments

Electrolyte production·       

·            Electrolytes are working fluid applied in the aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The formulation of the electrolyte depends upon the working voltage and temperature category of the capacitor.

·               Equipments and facilities for the process

·               Stainless steel fabricated reactor vessels integrated with heaters and stirring equipment.

·               Compressed gas injection facilities

·               Electronic control equipments

·               Production capacity – 1000kg/day

 Slitting process

Anode foils after forming process, cathode aluminium foils and condenser tissue papers are slit into appropriate width depending on the capacitor size and capacitance. It is a continuous shearing process and the slit foils are wound to form rolls for the remaining process.

The machines employed for this process are very sophisticated and advanced.

 Lead tab production facilities

In the electrolytic capacitor lead tabs are the connecting material of the inner electrode foils to external circuits. This is a composite material, consists 4 different metals. Lead tab manufacturing is a high speed automatic welding, shearing and shaping process.

Lead tab washing facilities

The lead tab manufactured from the machine has welding residue and oil residue. So the item to be cleaned thoroughly before applying in the capacitor production line. Acidic, alkaline and organic solvent cleaning and drying semi-automatic machines are used for this purpose.

 Printing facilities

Printing of rating, category –date code etc are done in two methods :  (a) Printing on the capacitors outer plastic sleeve.  (b) Direct printing on the curved metallic surface of the capacitor

 Lead tab stitching/cold welding, rolling, impregnating, casing, sealing and sleeving facilities.

-   Lead tab stitching/cold welding is a process where external connecting leads are attached to the electrode foil. It is a highly sensitive and precision demanding process.

-    Rolling is the process in which anode electrode foil, cathode electrode foil and condenser tissue paper are rolled together to form a cylindrical section.

-    Impregnation is the process in which the working electrolyte is admitted into the rolled section in vacuum condition.

     Casing is the process in which the impregnated rolled section is encapsulated in an outer Aluminium casing.

-    Sealing is the process in which the outer aluminium casing is hermetically sealed using rubber/Bakelite.

-    Sleeving is the process in which plastic heat shrinkable covering is done on the metal casing to electrically   insulate the capacitor body.

     For miniature size capacitors these process are carried out simultaneously and for large can capacitors these process are carried separately in separate machines.

Impregnation process section

·    Automatic vacuum-pressure cycle and temperature controlled impregnation unit with reservoir for large can and Screw Terminal Capacitors.

·    Vacuum- pressure cycle and temperature controlled impregnation unit with reservoir for Motor Start Capacitors.

·   Manually operated vacuum and pressure cycle temperature controlled impregnation set up with reservoir for radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors 

·    Temperature controlled element drying units.

·    Excess electrolyte centrifuging set up.

Capacitor sealing and sleeving sections

·    Automatic bunging, casing, sealing and sleeving machine for miniature capacitors.

·    Automatic bunging, casing and sealing machine.

·    Manual sealing machine.

·    Semi-automatic sealing machine for Motor Start Capacitors and large can capacitors.

·    Sealing machine for Screw Terminal Capacitors.

·    Motor Start, Large can and Screw Terminal Capacitors cover assembly machine.

·     Axial type capacitor assembly machines.

Sleeving section

·    Automatic sleeving machine for complete range of radial capacitors.

·   Manual sleeving setup for Motor Start, SNAP IN, Large can and Screw Terminal capacitors.

·   Tar melting and dispensing machine for Motor Start double can capacitors for electrical isolation of the capacitor body.

Capacitor ageing, Testing and sorting section

·   Fully automatic ageing, testing and sorting machine for Radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.

·    Manual ageing setups, oven and power supplies for this process.

·    Semi-automatic capacitor testing and sorting setup.

·    Motor Start Capacitor test setup.

Quality assurance - incoming inspection lab

Equipments and facilities for the inspection and testing of various chemicals and raw materials used for the manufacturing of Aluminium Electrolytic and

Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors.

Quality assurance – finished product inspection section

·    Equipments and meters for the testing of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors various parameter and quality.

·    Endurance testing facilities of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.

·   Calibration facilities of entire range of equipments and meters used for the Aluminium Electrolytic and MPP Capacitor’s production. 

 Metalized Polypropylene capacitor manufacturing facilities

·     Film rolling machines.

·     Rolled element clearing and testing machines.

·     Zinc spray gun unit for metalizing on end terminals.

·     Finished MPP capacitor testing and sorting machines.

·     Direct Ink Jet printing machines on the capacitor.

·     MPP capacitor potting process plant with setup ovens, stirrers, soldering unit and     other utilities for the proces.

·     Polyurethane resin production plant.

Carbon film and metal film resistors manufacturing facilities

·    Nickel-Chromium alloy coating on ceramic pellets using ionic discharge at ultra-high vacuum machine.

·     Automatic capping machines, nickel – chromium alloy coated ceramic base pellets are end capped using tin coated caps.

·     Automatic capped body sorting machines.

·     Automatic spiralling machine for turning the resistance value.

·     Automatic connecting lead welding machines.

·     Lacquering and colour coding machines.

Piezo electric Crystal manufacturing facilities

·     Felker cutting machine - for quartz cutting

·     Multi blade wafering machine    - for slicing the crystal block

·     Crystal rounding machine - for rounding crystals

·     X-ray goneometer - for measure the angle

·     Optical lathe-I - for manual shaping of crystal piece.

·     Lapping machines (2No.s) - thickness adjustment

·     Optical lathe –II - for bevelling quartz piece/for grinding quartz surface.

·     Vacuum coating unit -for plating (silver/ gold) either sides of crystals for terminal connection.